These articles originally appeared in the January 2019 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.


Big Music school outreach – Elena Flikier

Stores That Do More: Four Community-Minded Guitar Shops

The four brick-and-mortar shops featured here—those stores that do more—fit the description by offering educational programs, hosting jam sessions, taking part in schools and community events, and fostering a welcoming space for musicians to explore and connect. As a result, they’ve found that community efforts have made them viable in a rapidly changing economy, while giving customers an enduring vehicle for connection.


1925 Weissenborn Style 4 guitar

Great Acoustics: 1925 Weissenborn Style 4

The Weissenborn Style 4 is the high-water mark of the acoustic steel-string guitar for lap-style playing. The 1925 example seen here features an all-koa body and a hollow, square neck that contributes to the guitar’s volume and tone.


picture of a metronome

Learn to Play Faster by Slowing Down

Call it a plateau; call it being stuck in a rut. We’ve all been at that place where time in the woodshed feels so unproductive that it’s driving us crazy! If you spend any time practicing, you’ve probably had the feeling that you’re not getting anywhere and that you either…


Martin Authentic Strings

Gear Review: Martin’s Redesigned Authentic Acoustic Strings

The tension, feel, and tone of the SP strings brought a Gibson SJ-200 to life and drew in AG colleagues to compliment the guitar’s lively sound. Likewise, the Marquis Silked gave a Collings D41 dreadnought bountiful tone, with a focus and definition that made this guitar sound better than ever.


guitar player Jamie Stillway

Video Lesson: Generating New Ideas from Travis Picking

If you have spent any amount of time exploring the world of fingerstyle guitar, you no doubt have heard of Travis picking. (For a refresher, see “The Nuts and Bolts of Travis Picking”) Named after the country-and-western guitarist Merle Travis, it’s a popular style of fingerpicking that has since worked its…

Alvarez-Yairi Honduran DYM60HD acoustic guitar

Gear Review: Alvarez-Yairi Honduran DYM60HD

The partnership between Yairi and Alvarez goes back several decades, with the Alvarez-Yairi stamp reserved for Alvarez’s finest instruments. While much of Alvarez’s line is manufactured in China, the Yairi-branded guitars are made in a small shop in Kani, Japan, where modern power tools are eschewed in favor of hand tools, like spokeshaves for carving necks, and hide-glue construction is standard throughout.