Jamie Stillway

Jamie Stillway

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Jamie Stillway is an in-demand instructor, and her unique, minimalist compositions and elegant guitar style have inspired players all over the globe.
Kaki King interviewed on the Acoustic Guitar Podcast

Kaki King | The Acoustic Guitar Podcast

Learn how boundary-pushing guitarist Kaki King develops new tunings, the story behind the passerelle bridge, and why the third-to-last show is always the best performance of a tour.



the delmore brothers

Pickin’: The Delmore Brothers’ ‘Wabash Blues’

Known for their deft guitar duos and close harmony singing, the Delmore Brothers (Alton and Rabon) were popular performers on the Grand Ole Opry in the 1930s. In the introduction to Alton’s intriguingly titled autobiography, The Truth Is Stranger Than…


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Video Lesson: Generating New Ideas from Travis Picking

If you have spent any amount of time exploring the world of fingerstyle guitar, you no doubt have heard of Travis picking. (For a refresher, see “The Nuts and Bolts of Travis Picking”) Named after the country-and-western guitarist Merle Travis, it’s…

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How to Evaluate Your Own Playing

From books to magazines, YouTube videos to DVDs, there are no shortages of readily available materials to keep the self-taught guitarist occupied for several lifetimes. However, there are important areas that can be overlooked, such as technique and practice routines,…