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Join Our Patreon Community is a free resource for guitarists, but it isn’t free to produce. Pledge as little as $1 and get special perks in return.

Join Our Patreon Community is a free resource for guitarists, but it isn’t free to produce. Pledge as little as $1 now and get special perks in return.

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fingers on guitar fretboard alternate tunings

A Beginner’s Guide to Alternate Tunings

It can be intimidating to change all the notes that you’ve worked so hard to learn, but the new sounds and new ideas you’ll discover make it worth the effort.

Unlock New Sounds with a Partial Capo

Like a magic trick on your guitar, partial capos hold down some strings while leaving others untouched, changing the intervals between open strings.

Black and white photo of a guitarist on an orange background with the series title Level UP Your Lead

Level Up Your Lead Guitar

Make your riffs and solos more musical, memorable, and fun to play! This course is free for you thanks to sponsorship from Elixir® Strings.


Acoustic Guitar Lesson: E Add9 Finger-Stretching Warm-Up Exercise | ELIXIR Strings

In this short video lesson, Elixir Strings artist Scott Goldbaum takes a beautiful E Add9 chord and by moving just one finger, creates a digit-stretching exercise that provides a great warm-up for both hands.

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13 Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Your Ax

Sometimes it’s the little things that keep you from enjoying your guitar. Here are 13 common problems and their typical solutions.


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