orange crush acoustic 30 guitar amp

Gear Review: Orange Crush Acoustic 30

The Crush Acoustic 30 is a tiny little amp that weighs almost nothing. The specs claim it’s 13.5 pounds, but I don’t believe that. It comes right out of the box with a tilt-back design, so all the sound is projecting upward, where you want it.
Henriksen Bud Head acoustic guitar amplifier

Gear Review: Henriksen The Bud Head Amplifier

In the not-too-distant past, acoustic guitarists and singer-songwriters were relegated to hauling around large PA systems replete with a mixer, power amp, speakers, stands, plus duffle bags stuffed with a wide assortment of tangled cables—all in an effort to simply be heard in a rehearsal, club, or coffeehouse.
Schertler Roy acoustic guitar amp top

Gear Review: Schertler Roy Amplifier

Thanks to their full-range sound capabilities and multiple input options, many acoustic guitar amplifiers have been called miniature PA systems. That has never been so true as with Roy, a top-of-the-line package from Schertler, the Swiss maker.


Palmer Pocket Amp

Gear Review: Palmer Acoustic Pocket Amp

  Most gigging acoustic guitarists know the importance of a great-sounding, reliable preamp/DI box. Not only will a DI allow you to directly interface with a house PA system via the XLR output, but the preamp can help you sculpt the best possible sonic reproduction of your guitar via EQ,…

Genzler Acoustic Array Mini acoustic guiar amplifier.

Gear Review: Genzler Acoustic Array Mini

After setting up shop in a garage in Phoenix, Arizona, in the early 1980s, Jeff Genzler, a professional musician and electronics enthusiast, did much to advance the art of bass amplification with his state-of-the-art class-D solid-state amps. With the introduction of the Genz-Benz Shenandoah line in 2001, Genzler began treating…


Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge guitar amplifier

Gear Review: Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

If you’re a busker, singer-songwriter, or other performing musician, you’ll probably run into a situation where you wish you had a battery-powered amp. That’s where a smart new amp from Fishman—the 60-watt, two-channel Loudbox Mini Charge—can help.


Hughes & Kettner Era 1 acoustic guitar amplifier

Gear Review: Hughes & Kettner Era 1

Housed in a beautiful wooden cabinet, the Hughes & Kettner Era 1 acoustic guitar amp is sleek—with its inputs and dials hidden from view, it looks like half of an audiophile’s home speaker system.
Boss AD-10 acoustic preamp

Gear Review: Boss AD-10 Acoustic Preamp

With an all-in-one processor pedal like the new Boss AD-10 Acoustic Preamp, getting a good live sound has been made much simpler. Assuming a given venue has a decent PA system, you can show up with just a guitar and AD-10 in hand, dial up your sound, and off you go.


Fender Fortis F-10BT powered speakers

Gear Review: Fender’s Fortis F-10BT is a Sturdy and Excellent Performer

When I gig as a solo acoustic blues guitarist and vocalist, I usually take a small amp. But there are some instances, like when I play for crowds of more than 100 people, when the amp doesn’t quite cut it. Because of this I became intrigued with the idea of using powered speakers, instead of an amp, in situations where I need enough volume to fill up the space.