Artists Love the Taylor GT

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The Taylor GT was crafted to provide guitarists all the tonal sophistication and power that comes with all-solid-wood construction in a more compact frame that accommodates all types of players, styles and applications. The result is a scaled-down body that sits between the GS Mini and the Grand Concert in size, one that serves up a bold acoustic voice that remains clear and balanced across the frequency spectrum. Taylor GT acoustic guitars are built with C-Class bracing inside, a new scheme that adapts the tone-boosting powers of their revolutionary V-Class bracing to a smaller body, helping the GT produce rich low-end power that you might not normally hear from such a small-bodied guitar. Made with all-solid woods and the reliably comfortable Taylor Neck in Taylor’s California facilities, the GT is an exciting new musical tool with tone, range and style to impress any kind of player.

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Sponsored Story

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