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First prize: The Concept™ Case

AD17 TKL Concept Case

The Concept™ acoustic guitar case by TKL represents today’s most advanced craftsmanship and designs. It features a rugged yet lightweight exterior with a proprietary, custom-formed interior— letting you upgrade to the highest level of instrument protection for a price that’s less than you’d expect. Features: Rigidlite™ Molded, Reinforced Exterior, Cushion-Soft™ Secure-Fit™ Interior, Providence-Forge® Hardware, 24/7 Protection® Lifetime Warranty. The winner will have their choice of the specific model to fit their guitar.

Retail cost $329 – $359


SECOND PRIZE: The Zero-Gravity® Case

AD17 TKL Zero Gravity Case

The Zero-Gravity® acoustic guitar case by TKL combines the portability of a soft case with the protection of a hard case— all at a surprisingly affordable price. It’s the perfect choice for players whose music demands zero compromises…and infinite possibilities. Features: T-Cord™ Rugged Cover On A Protective, Molded Core, Cushion-Soft™ Secure-Fit™ Interior, Providence-Forge® Zippers, 24/7 Protection® Lifetime Warranty. The winner will have their choice of the specific model to fit their guitar.

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Retail cost $199 – $219

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