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'Acoustic Guitar' is here for you and we're working as hard as ever to to give you the information, instruction, and inspiration you expect from us.
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In times like these, when so much is uncertain, we understand how important it is to make music and to stay connected to community. That’s why Acoustic Guitar is here for you and why we’re working as hard as ever to to give you the information, instruction, and inspiration you expect from us.

Here’s how we plan to support you during these unprecedented times:

  • We’ll publish new issues of the magazine that bring the world of guitar to you even while you’re practicing safe social distancing. (The May/June issue has just been printed and is on its way to subscribers – look for it in your mailbox soon and your inbox at 4 pm PST Friday, March 20.)
  • We’ll post songs to play and guitar lessons that highlight how fun and easy it is to make music of your own, wherever you are. And we’ll share gear demos and music performances that will keep you inspired and entertained, no matter how long you’re on lockdown.
  • We’ll make some of our most loved downloads available free for a limited time, starting with Take Me Back – learn to fingerpick this blues song with video instruction by Steve James. And, if you feel so inclined, post a video of your playing to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram and tag us so we can see how you’re doing!

And, if you are able, here’s how you can support us:

  • Become a Friend, Supporter, or Patron of this site. By giving as little as $1 each month, you can support the musicians, music journalists, and other creative folks behind
  • Subscribe to Acoustic Guitar magazine. An annual subscription costs $35.99 (you’ll receive both print and digital editions) and a sustaining subscription is $136.99 for two years (plus a 2-year subscription for the friend or organization of your choice).
  • Order an Acoustic Guitar guide – you’ll find lessons, songs, and resources to download instantly (most with video and/or audio instruction).
  • While shelter-in-place guidelines here in California mean we can’t pack and ship book orders from our office, our titles are currently still available elsewhere. Use these links and we’ll receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you): to support independent bookstores or

We also know that so many of the freelance musicians and educators who are vital to our community are feeling the loss of gigs and other in-person events. If you’re able to give to them, here are a few ways to do it:

  • The Artist Relief Tree is a relief fund for artists affected by cancellations due to COVID-19.
  • The Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund was set up on short notice to provide direct financial assistance to musicians who have lost work as a result of Corona-related event cancellations.
  • The Musicians Foundation provides emergency grants to performers, educators, and composers who have been left with no work and no safety net.

If you have more resources to share, suggestions, feedback, or just want to say hello, please leave a comment below or write to us at We’re looking forward to connecting now and in the months to come. Stay safe out there!

Lyzy Lusterman
Lyzy Lusterman

Lyzy has worked at Acoustic Guitar since 2009. When not working, she plays music, goes birding, writes, and reads mysteries out loud to her cats.

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