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When it comes to fingerstyle guitar, the traditional alternating thumb technique is a tried and tested way of filling out the bass parts with your picking hand. It provides a rhythmic drive and can outline simple basslines, perfect for solo performances.

As with all techniques though, it’s good to mix things up and explore other possibilities. That’s exactly what Elixir® Strings artist Eric Bibb does in this short tuition video, based around a section from “Tulsa Time,” taken from his current album Ridin’. He takes the basic alternating method and demonstrates how to come up with more interesting parts underneath implied chords. Small changes can make a big difference, so check the lesson out and have fun applying the same approach to your own music!

The warmth and depth of Elixir Strings is important to my overall sound. They feel great and their tone lasts an incredibly long time.” – Eric Bibb

Eric plays Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings with NANOWEB® Coating, Medium 13-56 and Light 12-53.

Over a five-decade career, acoustic blues troubadour Eric has racked up two Grammy Award nominations and multiple Blues Foundation awards. He continues an active international touring schedule and in 2023 is travelling the globe in support of his latest album, Ridin’, described by Blues Blast Magazine as “…a truly superb album.”

Like this lesson? Check out more on the Elixir Strings YouTube Channel.

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