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As musicians, we believe music is an expression of our own thoughts, feelings and ideas, and instruments are the tools we use to bring melody and harmony to each of our chaotic lives. KLOS luthiers were proposed with an improbable proposition: to make an instrument so versatile in function and nuanced in tone that it seamlessly becomes an extension of the player. A guitar where you don’t have to worry about the sound, playability, or whether or not it’s in tune; you just pick up and play. And, where you can fully express yourself, no matter where you are, whether you’re touring for thousands or touring the Alps. 

So, KLOS Guitars designed the Grand Cutaway Mini.

The KLOS Grand Cutaway Mini offers a full-bodied, vibrant sound in an entirely carbon fiber package. Carbon fiber is an extremely stable material and boasts 60x the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. Logistically, that means you’ll have to tune, maintain and up-keep your guitar far less often. Sonically, that means your notes resonate through the guitar more clearly and with much more sustain. 

With a body size somewhat inspired by the iconic size of the Taylor GS Mini and a detachable carbon fiber neck adorned with stainless steel frets, the Grand Cutaway Mini offers the best of both worlds: extreme portability and extreme performance. So that, no matter where you go, you’ll know you’ll always have a companion who gets you right at your side. 

KLOS offers the Grand Cutaway Mini in both acoustic and acoustic-electric models with an option for passive or active pickups. While you can get your Grand Cutaway Mini in the traditional black carbon fiber twill, KLOS also offers their innovative Carbon Timber material, which is a nickel-infused carbon fiber weave that’s made to emulate the look and feel of wood. 

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