How String Gauge Impacts the Sound and Playability of Your Acoustic Guitar

Sponsored by Elixir® Strings:

Have you ever wondered what effect your choice of string gauge has on the sound and playability of your acoustic guitar? In this video, award-winning acoustic guitarist Michael Watts compares three gauges of Elixir® Phosphor Bronze Strings on the same instrument.

Using gauges 11-52 (custom light), 12-53 (light) and 13-56 (medium), Michael plays through a series of beautiful musical examples including singer-songwriter fingerstyle playing, strumming with a 1mm pick and fingerstyle in DADGAD tuning. We recommend listening on headphones to best hear the sonic range.

I am very lucky to play instruments made by the world’s finest guitar builders and I insist on Elixir Strings every time.” Michael Watts

Like this video? Find more from Michael and other distinguished players on the Elixir Strings YouTube Channel.

Engineered for great tone and long life, our proprietary, featherweight coating keeps your strings sounding and feeling new for longer. Tone-killing elements like corrosion, dirt, oil and sweat are no match for Elixir Strings. See for yourself.

When it comes to finding your tone and feel, Elixir Strings offers three acoustic premium string options, all with the same signature long tone life. The 80/20 Bronze with POLYWEB® Coating provides a warm tone and slick and fast feel. The Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB® Coating is rich and full-bodied with sparkling high-end clarity and a smooth feel. The 80/20 Bronze with NANOWEB Coating is bright and focused with the same smooth feel as the Phosphor Bronze strings. Check them out.

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