Adding Strap Locks To Your Acoustic Guitar Has Never Been Easier

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MusicNomad’s patent pending Acousti-Lok™ is a strap solution that adds the safety & flexibility of using strap locks on your acoustic guitar without permanently modifying it. First introduced in 2020 and used by countless guitar players, MusicNomad’s Acousti-Lok™ product range is growing so more acoustic guitar players can enjoy a secure strap solution.

They have the MN270 Standard Acousti-Lok™ compatible with most Martin Guitars with Fishman electronics, Taylor Guitars up to 2002, Switchcraft electronics, K&K Sound Pure Mini & Pure Classic, L.R. Baggs Element Bronze and others. The MN271 Metric Acousti-Lok™ is compatible with all L.R. Baggs pickup output Jacks including Element and Element VTC, but not Element Bronze (use MN270), K&K Sound Universal Sound Board Pickup (Hot Spot, Big Shot, Big Twin, Twin Spot) and others. The MN272 Taylor Acousti-Lok™ is specifically designed for Taylor Guitars with a 9 Volt Expression System Battery Box. The new Acousti-Lok™ MN273 is specifically designed for 3 screw output jacks & end pins found on Taylor Guitars with ES-B/ES-Go, Taylor GS Mini without electronics, Takamine Guitars and Yamaha Guitars. “We see so many guitarists that drill another hole and permanently modify their guitar so they can use strap locks,” says founder Rand Rognlien. “We developed a simple solution for a long existing problem found on acoustic guitars that combines the output jack and strap button into one feature.”

Don’t want to use strap locks but need a quick, safe way to secure your strap? The new innovative QuickSecure™ 2 ‘n 1 button comes standard on the MN273 and is designed to make it easier to slide your strap over and be securely held in place while you play.

Additionally, they introduced MusicNomad’s QuickSecure™ Conversion Kit, which allows you to convert the existing Acousti-Lok part numbers (MN270, MN271, MN272) into a non-strap lock button. Acoustic guitars, where the strap button and output jack are combined, are extremely difficult to securely attach the strap around the strap button. The QuickSecure™ “mushroom-style” button design used with their existing Acousti-Lok™ finally gives you a quick and secure non-strap lock solution. With different Acousti-Lok™ designs to choose from, make sure you find the one that is compatible with your acoustic guitar output jack. 

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