For this Session in Place, Long Island-based singer-songwriter Matt Longo, who performs and records under the nom de guerre Thin Lear, plays the song “Your Family” from his 2020 pandemic release, Wooden Cave (EggHunt Records).

Longo wrote “Your Family” in 2010 after the passing of his grandmother, hoping the song would help comfort his grandfather as he struggled to figure out how to move forward in life alone. Sadly, Longo never had an opportunity to play the song for his grandfather, but the delicately fingerpicked composition helps keep his grandparents’ spirits alive inside of him.


thin lear's wooden cave cover artwork

In the video, Longo plays a Martin StreetMaster 000-16M and employs what he describes as a “very poor” thumb-and-index fingerpicking style that he learned from watching Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. “It’s a very simple fingerpicking pattern, and I wrote the song by just holding that chord and thinking about the theme of being embraced by those you love in the beyond.“

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