Martin Guitar CEO Thomas Ripsam works on scalloped bracing.

Martin Guitars Names New CEO

Thomas Ripsam brings an impressive business pedigree to Nazareth. He has a long career in finance and is also an avid musician who has built acoustic guitars.


Hear Dix Bruce Play Our Custom Martin HD-28V

This custom 2000 Martin HD-28V is from Acoustic Guitar magazine’s 10th Anniversary Collection. In celebration of our 30th anniversary in 2020, we’re putting our collection up for auction, starting on April 20 and closing on May 10, giving you the opportunity to bid on a piece of guitar history and…

Martin Unveils New Models at NAMM 2020

At Winter NAMM 2020, Martin introduces the game-changing SC-13E acoustic-electric; the D-X2E 12-string; and the 000C12-16E Nylon, as the name suggests, a 12-fret cutaway classical with onboard electronics. Check out more 2020 Winter NAMM coverage here.

Joan Baez guitar

Great Acoustics: Joan Baez’s Circa 1880 Martin Style 0-40

Aside from the association with Baez, the 0-40 is a remarkable instrument in its own right. Martin only made a dozen or so examples of this deluxe parlor-sized guitar, with its Brazilian rosewood back and sides, bound ebony fretboard, abalone purfling and rosette, and brass (or sometimes German silver) engraved tuners with bone buttons.



Beyond Rosewood: 12 Mid-Priced Alt-Wood Guitars

Our pitch to makers was simple: Send us a guitar that uses no rosewood and has a real-world cost of $500–$1,500. Since some makers have many models that qualify, we limited each brand to one guitar of any shape or size, with or without electronics or a cutaway. Laminated and solid woods were okay, but no composites such as carbon fiber (that’s a roundup for another time). What you’ll see over the following pages are a dozen acoustic guitars, presented alphabetically, that show off some of the delightful choices available in this popular price range.


Martin Authentic Strings

Gear Review: Martin’s Redesigned Authentic Acoustic Strings

The tension, feel, and tone of the SP strings brought a Gibson SJ-200 to life and drew in AG colleagues to compliment the guitar’s lively sound. Likewise, the Marquis Silked gave a Collings D41 dreadnought bountiful tone, with a focus and definition that made this guitar sound better than ever.


Review: Martin 000-15M StreetMaster

As you might expect from an all-mahogany guitar, the StreetMaster has miles of clarity and focused fundamentals, and a strong midrange with a dry throatiness on the lower mids.
Martin Model America 1 and Standard Series D-28 acoustic guitars

Review: Martin Model America 1 and Standard Series D-28

In an era when tropical tonewoods such as mahogany and rosewood have become increasingly regulated and scarce, it makes perfect sense to make a guitar entirely from North American woods. The Model America 1 is based on the stalwart D-18, but with tonewoods that can be found in Martin’s—or maybe even your own—back yard.