If You Can Say It, You Can Play It | Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Sponsored by Elixir® Strings:

Unlock the potential of the often-underestimated metronome—an invaluable tool that can transform your playing. Elixir® Strings Artist Scott Goldbaum shows you how to use a metronome to build strong rhythm habits with a quick, easy-to-follow exercise you can apply to all of your favorite songs.

Scott uses Elixir Strings Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB® Coating 11-52

“I love the long-lasting tone, along with the feel and resonant response of Elixir Strings.”
– Scott Goldbaum

If you like this acoustic guitar lesson, be sure to check out other videos on the Elixir Strings YouTube channel. Just hit play to elevate your guitar game!

No matter which gauge, metal or coating you choose, all Elixir Strings provide the same long lasting tone life. Learn more about Elixir Acoustic Strings.

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Sponsored Story

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