Eight Global Artists, One Virtual Performance

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What do you get when you mix a fingerstyle acoustic award winner in Toronto, a prog-hop artist from LA, an extreme shredder in Vienna and more? That was exactly what guitarist/composer Chris Woods set out to discover when he started writing ‘Octet.’

Written by The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra and commissioned by Elixir® Strings, ‘Octet’ weaves a sonic tapestry of delicate acoustic sections, strident electric rhythm guitars and full-on shredding, with each artist getting to stretch their creative wings. From 5-string bass to 8-string fan-fret guitar, the piece is a source of inspiration for composers and players alike and a celebration of the instrument, its versatility and diversity!

‘Octet’ brings together a diverse array of Elixir Strings endorsing artists and guitar styles including Chris Woods (Devon, England), Maneli Jamal (Toronto, Ontario), Michael Watts (Surrey, England), Ando San (Los Angeles, California), Tiffany Lloyd (Washington, DC), Sus Vasquez (New York, New York), Bernth Brodträger (Vienna, Austria) and Quentin Godet (Paris, France). Learn more about the artists.

“I’m extremely happy with the way this instrumental guitar piece turned out. Everyone’s unique sound cuts through, but without detracting from the overall togetherness,” Chris explains as he shares some unique insights into how he composed the piece.  

“I wanted each part to play to the strengths of the players. That’s a really helpful philosophy for composition and playing. 

“I listened to what each of the artists do, spoke to them about writing for them and then wrote as minimally as possible, in order to allow them room for their own interpretation. The whole concept was to reflect their musical personalities. This was really important,” said Chris.

All of the players – acoustic, electric and bass – count on the long lasting tone of Elixir Strings to help keep them focused on their music.  Check out Elixir Strings.

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