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Practice & Warm-Up Tips from Julian Lage

12 Tips for Learning Songs from Recordings
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Health, Wellness, and Injury Prevention for Guitarists

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These lessons explore what it means to be a more musical guitar player—including how to practice, learn, and have a healthy relationship with the guitar. You’ll find tips for developing your ear, playing with others, warming up, reading music, performing, and more of the foundational skills that will help you become a better and more confident musician.





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15 Acoustic Guitar Pros Share Tips on Tone

“What is good tone? That’s a very good question, but difficult to answer succinctly,” says songwriter and record producer John Leventhal, known for his work with Rosanne Cash, William Bell, and other top artists. “It’s heartfelt and musical. It’s generally a fat tone, I don’t like thin tone. When it…



learning to play guitar online

Learn How to Play Guitar Online

If you’re interested in the self-taught method, finding the right resource might be a bit of a challenge with number of options to choose from. But we’re here to help!


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Song Builder: How to Put Together a Repertoire—and Use it Wisely

Whether you’re a solo singer-songwriter or instrumentalist, or you play with a group, as you develop plans to play shows, you’ll need to carefully consider your repertoire. If you’ve performed in bars and restaurants, then you understand the value of having a few choice standards at your fingertips. Or if…

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Stuck in a Rut With Your Guitar? Try These Practice Techniques

It’s not uncommon for even the most accomplished guitarists to hit walls when practicing—whether caused by difficulties in learning to play challenging passages cleanly, or uncertainty about how to diagnose and troubleshoot certain problematic areas in their playing. Sometimes a creative solution is in order. In this lesson, part of…


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Quick Tip: All Practice and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Guitarist

Writers have a saying to describe the process of practicing their craft: B.I.C. or Butt in Chair. That’s a good starting place for guitar players, too.   If you’re dreaming of being a better guitar player, then have a seat. Here’s your guitar. Play something. You just got a little…