Take Your Frets to the Next Level With MusicNomad’s New Fret Care Line

Sponsored by MusicNomad:

MusicNomad is raising the bar to a new higher standard with the introduction of an extensive range of Guitar Fret Care Products. For over a year, they have been researching, developing, prototyping, testing and collaborating with some of the top techs in the world to create this extensive product lineup. They will be introducing products that don’t exist that will save time and money during fretwork, plus significant product improvements for everyday fret tools that have not changed in years.

Throughout 2023 they will be sharing these next level products as they become available! https://www.musicnomadcare.com/Products/Guitar-Fret-Care/

MusicNomad’s patent pending Fret Shield sets a new higher standard for total fretboard protection when performing fretwork such as polishing, leveling and crowning. Say “NO” to blue tape with our reusable design that goes on in seconds, fully protects without damaging the fretboard and lasts 100’s of fret.

Diagnosing how level your frets and fingerboard has never been easier with MusicNomad’s patent pending Tri-Beam. Designed by their Sonoma, CA (USA) team, creating a new higher standard with their unique 3 wall triangle design. Using the highest quality aluminum and manufacturing techniques ensures straightness of the entire length and critically important polished, smooth flat edges. Made with premium quality 6063-T5 Aluminum has a blue anodized finish that is extremely durable, abrasion resistant and does not peel or chip. Imprecision is eliminated through a single setup, continuous 5-axis CNC producing flawless features on all surfaces of our innovative triangle 3 wall design that is easy to hold and flex-free. Both are designed to be used on Electric and Acoustic Guitars.

The 3 ‘n 1 Dual Notched Straight Edge & Precision Straight Edge Tri-Beam 3 wall triangle design gives you two notched straight edges custom designed to cover more fret scale lengths ranging from 24.625″ to 25″ and 25.34″ to 25.625″ to measure the flatness of your fretboard and neck relief. This will work for most acoustic and electric guitar brands such as Taylor, Fender, Gibson, Martin, Breedlove and many others. Rotate to the 3rd side to use the 17.6″ (44.7cm) “notch-free” straight edge to check the levelness of your frets.

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