See What’s Shipping from Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Sponsored by Santa Cruz Guitar Company:

Each and every week, Santa Cruz Guitar Company posts custom acoustics shipping from their small shop to various independently owned guitar stores throughout the world. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s heading to your local SCGC dealer before it even arrives, and to get ideas for how to customize your own Santa Cruz guitar.  

Every Santa Cruz Guitar comes with a long list of available customization options for no extra charge. This includes various tonewoods, neck measurements, bracing patterns, inlays, sunbursts, bindings, appointments and more. They offer free, one-on-one consultation to answer any questions about their custom ordering process and will walk you through how various design elements will affect the tone, EQ and playability of the instrument. Contact them today at, and follow them on social media to see all the custom builds now shipping that were designed via these consultations over the past year.  

For more information, and to see what custom Santa Cruz Guitars just shipped, please click here.

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