File this under “Things We Never Knew We Urgently Needed” — heavy metal icon Zakk Wylde shredding on a tiny Hello Kitty guitar as part of Loudwire’s delightful and random series.

Watch above as Wylde — Ozzy Osbourne’s former guitarist and founder of the band Black Label Society — performs Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B” with some help from animated Ozzy cat cartoons.


Told from the point of view of Satan, the song, according to lyricist Geezer Butler, is “about the devil falling in love and totally changing, becoming a good person.” And what better symbol of hope and renewal than a child’s toy featuring a mouth-less Japanese cartoon character? THERE ARE NONE.

Wylde is known for his hard-charging stage presence, vicious soloing, and lightning speed, so if anyone can make a Hello Kitty guitar sound playable, it’s him. But we’ll let you be the ultimate judge.

Also part of Loudwire’s video set is Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee playing a remarkably mournful Death Cab for Cutie song on a Hello Kitty keyboard and Mike Portnoy angrily jamming on a Hello Kitty drum set. “I requested Pokemon!” he huffs.