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Is it kosher to play Led Zeppelin tunes on a Steve Howe signature model guitar? Yes! James DePrato solos on “What Is and What Should Never Be” and “Ramble On” with the help of this 1999 Martin 00-18SH. Patterned after Howe’s original 1953 00-18, the guitar has a vintage vibe, thanks to its original-style rosette and inlays, sealed Kluson tuners, and tinted soundboard. The SH designation indicates that this is a unique model, with Howe’s signature inlaid at the 18th fret.

It’s one of 27 guitars offered in the Acoustic Guitar Auction that begins May 13, 2021.


Learn more about this exciting event, which benefits guitar education in public schools and programs through the Bill Collings Memorial Fund.

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