Watch Fingerstyle Virtuoso Gabriella Quevedo Perform Every Part of the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ on One Guitar

Gabriella Quevedo with her guitar
Swedish fingerstyle guitarist Gabriella Quevedo

With more than 12 million views, stop us if you’ve seen this clip before, but it’s well worth a repeat watch.

The young and immensely talented Swedish-born fingerstyle guitarist Gabriella Quevedo tackles Tomi Paldanius’ arrangement of the Eagles’ “Hotel California,” which incorporates every part of the 1977 hit from vocal melody to bass line to the Don Felder/Joe Walsh guitar solos.


Or, if you share the Dude’s hatred of the Eagles, check out a recent clip of Quevedo performing at Borås International Guitar Forum.

Quevedo recently sat down with AG to discuss how spontaneous practice helps keep her love of guitar alive. Read more here.

Whitney Phaneuf
Whitney Phaneuf