Watch Dix Bruce Perform “Stagolee” on a 2001 Taylor Custom Grand Auditorium

“Stag” Lee Shelton—aka Stagger Lee, Stackolee, Stagolee—was a bad, bad man who hung out with other bad men, one of whom, Billy Lyons, he shot and killed. Possibly over a hat. His wickedness, like that of a few favored others, gave the world a very catchy new murder ballad. Here, Dix Bruce dispenses with the story and plays instrumental variations to show off a 2001 Taylor Custom Grand Auditorium, one of 27 instruments offered in the Acoustic Guitar Auction that begins May 13, 2021.


Learn more about this exciting event, which benefits guitar education in public schools and programs through the Bill Collings Memorial Fund.

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Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors