Warm-Toned California Dream Pop: Sleepy Pearls’ “The Water Song”

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Drawing inspiration from the doo-wop and Western folk emerging from coastal California in the 1950s and 1960s, Sleepy Pearls’ Violette Larsen and Brendan Michie blend nostalgia with a fresh musical perspective. Their latest track, “The Water Song,” exemplifies their ability to intricately weave these retro influences into their contemporary dream pop sound. Combining resonant chords of vintage-tinged electric guitar with Larsen’s ethereal, velvety vocals, Sleepy Pearls creates a lush soundscape that captivates with its emotive depth and intricate harmonies. 

In this intimate performance of “The Water Song,” Larsen and Michie both plug into a stylish, rich-sounding Circa 74 amp, which has two independent inputs for guitar and vocals. Its warm, beautifully textured sound synergizes perfectly with Larsen’s vocals and the timbre of Taylor’s V-Class-voiced, solid sapele/Sitka spruce 50th Anniversary 314ce LTD Grand Auditorium, played by Michie, creating a cohesive, ultimately satisfying musical experience. Circa 74 amps are outfitted with a ten-inch full-range speaker fueled by 150 watts of power, intuitive three-band EQ and reverb controls and Bluetooth connectivity so it can be used as a wireless speaker. It’s all housed in a gorgeous mahogany cabinet that sits atop a mahogany stand. 

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