By Mark Kemp

Before Jackson Browne launched into an acoustic version of the iconic “Take it Easy,” which he wrote with the late Glenn Frey of the Eagles, he explained to an adoring crowd in Clearwater, Florida, on January 19, why he’s rarely performed the song live.

“I didn’t always sing it because it was such a famous song. I figured, you know, if people heard me start singing this song, they’d come away thinking, ‘Ah, and then he sang an Eagles cover,’” Browne says, to applause and laughter, in this fan-recorded video. “But I wrote this song with Glenn Frey. It’s a song that I started but I didn’t finish it.”


Frey did finish it, and after it appeared on the Eagles 1972 debut album, it became an anthem for the burgeoning ’70s freewheeling country-rock movement. Browne then recorded it for his 1973 album For Everyman.

Browne’s performance was the perfect tribute to his late friend and comrade. Enjoy it.


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