This Dobro, one of twenty awesome guitars in our February 2022 auction, is in excellent condition with classic features and all original components, with the exception of a replaced tailpiece. (The cracked original is in the case, as is a vintage diamond-grip tonebar slide.) The labels are prone to flaking off, but this guitar’s logo is in great shape, like the rest of the guitar.

“I’ll admit that I had expected this 1935 Model 37 Dobro to have more of an old-school, swampy sound, a tone that would be well-suited for the Delta blues… Instead, I was stunned by how modern and responsive this beauty sounded,” Sadownick says. “Great tone everywhere, with a warm and clear singing voice right up to the end of the fretboard. No dead spots anywhere, and remarkably, no harshness even at the 19th fret. Rather than being a cool, niche application tool, this vintage box is a versatile instrument that will hang with modern luthier builds, offering no tonal compromises. It will make any player happy, whether as a step-up to your first pro-level instrument, or as a super cool vintage addition to a player’s collection. But please don’t buy it to display it as a museum piece; this great-sounding instrument wants to be played.”

Bidding begins February 17. Learn more about this instrument and this exciting event, which benefits Guitars for Vets.

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