ToneWood Amp Transforms Your Acoustic Guitar into a Special Effects Machine: Winter NAMM 2017

By Greg Cahill

Jake Allen demonstrates the ToneWood Amp, a breakthrough in acoustic-electric guitar technology.


To understand why this device is so unusual, start with the unique feature that gives the ToneWoodAmp its name. After mounting this small, portable, and easily removable amp to the back of your electro-acoustic guitar, the selection of DSP effects (reverb, delay, tremolo, auto-wah, and distortion) are broadcast through the instrument’s back, where they interact with the natural sound of the guitar itself.

In effect, the body of the guitar is transformed into an amp.

The TWA does this by taking the signal from an under-saddle or soundhole pickup and combining it with the company’s own effects technology to create a seamless blend of natural guitar sound and effect.

Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors