Tom Williams Performs an Acoustic Version of “Little Did We Know” | Acoustic Guitar Sessions in Place

The English folk guitarist performs a song from his latest album on a 1950s Gibson J-200, a guitar he bought sight-unseen online

Ten years after releasing his first album, Hastings, England-based folk guitarist Tom Williams was feeling stuck. “I found myself creatively hemmed in by the precedent of a decade of my own music. It took me a while to realize I didn’t need to add to it, I needed to start again.”

For his latest record, Follow The Leader, Williams ventured beyond his acoustic roots, adding drum machines, electric guitars, and synthesizers and combining elements of acoustic folk and driving pop rock in a manner that evokes Radiohead’s OK Computer.


Here, Williams performs “Little Did We Know” on a 1950s Gibson J-200, a guitar he bought sight-unseen online, hoping for a Gibson with a double pickguard. After the performance, Williams breaks down the song’s chord progression and picking pattern.

Watch the video for the title track from Follow the Leader to get a better sense of Williams’ new sound.

Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

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