As the Rolling Stones juggernaut continues to roll around the world, packing sports stadiums, let’s take a step back in time for a more intimate glimpse of the still-mighty band. Here they are in a Tokyo recording studio in 1995 revisiting one of their acoustic-based classic songs, “Wild Horses,” which originally appeared on the 1971 album Sticky Fingers. In this version, nicely warbled by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood play guitars, Chuck Leavell is on piano, Darryl Jones on bass, and of course Charlie Watts is on the skins.

If you’re not familiar with the the Stones’ Stripped album, which came out in 1995, it’s one of their cooler efforts in my view: mostly streamlined versions of songs that are not part of the group’s usual “greatest hits” concert extravaganzas (including a few from early Stones albums that the group hadn’t touched for decades), captured in live studio takes or performed in smaller venues. Check it out some time; you might be very pleasantly surprised! (And there is also an expanded CD/DVD/Blue-ray package that came out in 2016, called Totally Stripped.)


What are your favorite Stones acoustic guitar-based songs? “Factory Girl”? “Moonlight Mile”? Any of their electric numbers you think translate particularly well to acoustic guitar? —Blair Jackson

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