By Mark Kemp

When Paul McCartney strapped on an acoustic guitar for his 1991 ‘MTV Unplugged’ appearance, he didn’t just go on autopilot, rehashing the same old acoustic arrangements of obvious songs like “Yesterday,” “Blackbird,” or “And I Love her.” In fact, he didn’t even do “Yesterday.”


Instead, Macca went outside the box, bringing a resonator, accordion, and harmonium to his mix of 100-percent unplugged acoustic guitars, bass, piano, and percussion — and covering songs by Bill Monroe (“Blue Moon of Kentucky”), Bill Withers (“Ain’t No Sunshine”), and Jesse Fuller (“San Francisco Bay Blues”). One of the best was his country-blues overhaul of an obscure original track from his 1970 solo debut album McCartney: “That Would Be Something,” featuring ex-Pretenders guitarist Robbie McIntosh on resonator. Watch above.

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