OK, the performance itself isn’t that much of a Throwback, but the song is: Yes guitarist Steve Howe wrote this charming solo guitar instrumental nearly half a century ago, and he has performed it here and there for many years (it even appears in the 1975 film Yessongs, from  a 1972 performance).

Howe said this about the tune’s origins: “It’s the first song I ever wrote, and I think it’s really a good piece. I wrote it on the 4th of August in 1969, when my oldest son, Dylan, was born. The very night that he was born, I finished the song. Originally, it was a dedication to Chet Atkins, but then it became a dedication to Dylan. It combined a lot of things I’d learned or imagined. I always wanted to write music, and when I decided to write solo guitar music, it was earth-shattering inside, because suddenly I was an independent person. I could stand up on stage and play ‘Clap.’ That meant as much to me as it did to be in Yes.”


The guy definitely has chops, and its fun to hear him outside the usual prog-rock bag.  —Blair Jackson