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Sad (but understandable) news that Paul Simon is puttin’ away his travelin’ shoes after one more big tour. So, that sent us to YouTube, where we unearthed this lovely performance of one of his finest tunes, “Slip Slidin’ Away.” Simon wrote the song in the mid-1970s and originally intended to put it on his smash #1 album from 1975, Still Crazy After All Years, but instead included it as one of two new songs on his Greatest Hits, Etc. in the fall of 1977. As a single, the mellow, heartfelt song it made it all the way up to #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and #4 on what in those days was called the Easy Listening chart. This solo acoustic performance is from a 2007 appearance on the PBS interview program Charlie Rose.  Very hip song, with cool lyrics and some nice guitar moments, as well. —Blair Jackson