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Before she broke through as one of the most compelling singer-songwriters to emerge in the late ’60s, Joni Mitchell (nee Joan Anderson) was an aspiring artist and folksinger in her native Canada. This grainy but cool Throwback Thursday video comes from a 1965 Canadian television program called Let’s Sing Out. Already a nifty guitarist, she performs an outlaws-on-the-run, gunslinger song by John Phillips (then riding high with the Mamas & the Papas) called “Me & My Uncle,” which was originally recorded on The Judy Collins Concert LP released in 1964. However, the song’s international fame is the result of the tune becoming a staple of the Grateful Dead’s repertoire, sung by Bob Weir; indeed it was one the Dead’s most-played songs for much of their career, and Weir continues to perform it to this day (as do a zillion bands that play Grateful Dead music). Not bad for a song that Phillips once admitted he had no memory of writing at all, but which magically emerged during a tequila-fueled party following one of Collins’ concerts. Collins supposedly recorded Phillips as he composed the song at the party, and a little later (unbeknownst to Phillips) learned it from the tape. —Blair Jackson