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We actually have a pair of significant anniversaries to celebrate with this post: January 9 was the 75th birthday of Led Zeppelin guitarist extraordinaire Jimmy Page, and January 12 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the first (eponymous) Led Zeppelin album, for my money the group’s best (YMMV) and one of he all-time greatest rock albums. So, we tip our caps and raise a glass to Plant and “Pagey” with this cool video of the duo and bands (including string section!) performing the acoustic guitar-based song “Going to California” on a duo tour stop in New Mexico in 1995. The song, of course, dates back to the group’s legendary untitled fourth album (sometimes dubbed Zoso), released in 1971 and most famous for containing “Stairway to Heaven.” This tune is one of several bona fide fingerpicking classics Page has written through the years. —Blair Jackson