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In honor of Veterans Day, Kyser Musical Products is donating all profits from sales of its new capo, the G4V Kyser Quick-Change Capo, to vets.

G4V stands for Guitars for Vets, a nonprofit that provides free guitars and lessons to US military veterans who suffer from PTSD and physical injuries. Started by a combat marine and his guitar teacher in 2007, Guitars for Vets now has 60+ chapters across the country and has provided more than 2,500 guitars and 25,000 lessons to recovering vets.


Guitars for Vets students all receive the Quick-Change capo upon graduation, and now the US-made, American-flag-bedecked accessory is available to the public on Kyser’s website ($24.95).

“[Founder] Milton Kyser was a proud US Army veteran and I know he’d be extremely proud of this partnership,” says Meredith Hamlin, President and CEO of Kyser.