The Whitmore Sisters Play a Song off ‘Ghost Stories’ | Acoustic Guitar Sessions in Place

The Whitmore Sisters perform the song “Friends We Leave Behind” from their album Ghost Stories.

In this installment of Acoustic Guitar Sessions in Place, Bonnie and Eleanor Whitmore, the sisters behind The Whitmore Sisters, perform the song “Friends We Leave Behind” from their album Ghost Stories, released earlier this year on Red House Records. The song is haunting but sustaining, and the Sisters’ sibling harmonies really shine.


While Ghost Stories is their first album together, both have forged successful individual careers: Eleanor is one half of the duo The Mastersons (with her husband, Chris Masterson) and a longtime member of Steve Earle’s band, and Bonnie has an emerging solo career and has backed James McMurtry and others on bass.

For this Session in Place, Eleanor plays a Collings Tenor 1 guitar, an instrument she and Carrie Rodriguez successfully lobbied Collings to start building in the 2010s. Bonnie has their father’s 1943 Gibson Southern Jumbo, which has been brought into playing condition by legendary guitar repairman and author Don Teeter.

Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

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