The Ultimate Guitar Multi-Tool: Taylor Beacon 

The Taylor Beacon is a new, pocket-sized 5-in-1 guitar accessory designed to make it easier for you to make music. In this 30-second video, you’ll see why the Beacon is the ultimate multi-tool for guitarists. 

Sponsored by Taylor Guitars:

This handy clip-on accessory combines all the must-have tools for guitar players into one convenient device: 

  • Clip-on Tuner 
  • Metronome 
  • Timer 
  • Countdown 
  • Flashlight 

The precise tuner offers selectable modes for Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, and Chromatic tuning. The Beacon’s versatile metronome provides 12 pre-set time signatures, a wide tempo range, and adjustable click volumes for tailored practice sessions. Effortlessly track your progress with the timer and countdown functions, perfect for both focused practice sessions and live sets lasting up to 100 minutes. Illuminate sheet music or navigate across dimly-lit stages with the built-in flashlight, strategically positioned for easy access. Never lose another pick in the dark! 

The Beacon boasts a TFT color LCD display and USB charging capability (charging cable included). Whether you’re a solo performer, jamming with a band, or playing studio sessions, the Beacon conveniently adapts to various musical contexts. If you want to consolidate your essential guitar accessories, consider the Taylor Beacon your new pocket-sized musical companion.  

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