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The Ernie Ball String Explorer is an online tool created to help beginner and advanced guitar players navigate the tonal variation of Ernie Ball string alloys and technologies. Using the String Explorer, users can watch and listen to string demos to hear the tonal difference of Ernie Ball’s offerings. The user can hear how different alloys sound with acoustic guitars of different sizes and tone woods. Using the Ernie Ball String Explorer, users can choose their own adventure while comparing and learning about the different features in the Ernie Ball string catalog.

Ernie Ball String Explorer: Acoustic Earthwood Phosphor Bronze – C.F. Martin D-28

At the beginning of the String Explorer experience, users can select if they are a beginner or advanced player, then choose if they are an acoustic, electric, or bass player. From here you get into the number of strings on your instrument as well as features such as traditional alloys and technologies vs string offerings with more advanced features like Ernie Ball’s Everlast Nanotechnology. These considerations are broken into two selections: “Standard” and “Better Tuning Stability & Longer Life.”

Ernie Ball String Explorer: Acoustic Earthwood 80/20 Bronze – Gibson J-50

The next selection allows the user to choose from a wide range of tonal options that might best suit their preference or playing style. These options are: “Warm Tone”, “Balanced Tone”, “Bright Tone,” or “Crisp, Clear Tone.”

Lastly, users can select their string guage preference. These options range from: “Extra Light, More Flexible” to “Light, Standard,” and “Very Firm, Most Durable.”

Check out the Ernie Ball String Explorer and try it out yourself!

Ernie Ball String Explorer: Acoustic Paradigm Phosphor Bronze – Gibson L-00

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