The Brother Brothers Play Harmonious, Adventurous Folk | Acoustic Guitar Sessions

Watch identical twins Adam and David Moss play three original tunes from their new record, 'The January Album'

Identical twins and folk musicians Adam and David Moss, aka the Brother Brothers, stopped by the Acoustic Guitar office recently and performed a trio of songs off their new record, The January Album

When you first hear the Brothers, it’s hard not to immediately sense the lifelong musical bond between the two, and their sibling blood harmonies shine through on these intimate, stripped-down performances of “Lonesome,” “The Illinois River Song,” and “Morgantown.”


Informed by the natural majesty of the North American landscape, and, on the flip side, the destructive appetite of humanity, the songs on The January Album draw inspiration from such sources as the wide open plains of West Texas, devastating logging in West Virginia, and the flow of the Illinois river.

Beauty, tension, release.

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Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

Opinionated creative slash beginning guitarist. Joey has worked in every department at Acoustic Guitar in the past 10+ years: front desk, ad sales, editorial, sound guy, camera man, booth babe, email coder, podcast editor, photographer, book designer…


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  1. I’m loving this, great playing and real empathy between the brothers.
    Thanks to AG for introducing me to the talented “Brother Brothers”.

  2. Once again, thank you to Acoustic Guitar Magazine for introducing me to more talented musicians. This duo is truly remarkable. The lesson David Moss teaches on your Patreon page is very on point!
    Good stuff.