Taylor Artist Zac Brown Nominates Marcus King as One to Watch

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As Taylor Guitars celebrates its 50th anniversary, they’re launching a special video series spotlighting talented musicians destined to shape the music landscape in the decades ahead. To kickstart the series, tenured Taylor artist Zac Brown nominates a songwriter and guitarist he believes we should all keep tabs on: Marcus King. 

With Taylor’s 50th Anniversary Builder’s Edition 814ce LTD in hand, King performs his rendition of Brown’s song, “Wild Palomino.” Hailing from Greenville, South Carolina, King began his musical journey at a young age, influenced by his blues-guitarist father, Marvin King, and his grandfather, a locally celebrated musician. Now 27 years old, he’s been gearing up for the release of his third album, Mood Swings, produced by Rick Rubin. 

The exquisite Grand Auditorium that Marcus plays in the video features a pair of all-world tonewoods. Its Indian rosewood body and sinker redwood top produce rich lows, sparkling highs and lush, warm overtones. Sinker redwood, reclaimed from silt- and mineral-rich California riverbeds where they remained for decades, has been likened to “cedar on steroids” for its blend of warmth and dynamic response. 

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Learn more about Taylor’s 50th Anniversary Builder’s Edition 814ce LTD.

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