Take Your Frets to the Next Level with MusicNomad’s Expanded Fret Care Line

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MusicNomad is raising the bar with an extensive range of Guitar Fret Care Products. For over a year, they have been researching, developing, prototyping, testing and collaborating with some of the top techs in the world to create this extensive product lineup. Their newest fret care products include a Fret Rocker+ and Fret Gauge Kit, Fret Beveling File (B-File), and Diamond Coated Fret End Dressing File (E-File). 

Check out all of their Next Level Fret Care Products: https://www.musicnomadcare.com/Products/Guitar-Fret-Care/ 

Experiencing Fret Buzz on your guitar?  

The MusicNomad Kit includes everything you need to evaluate your frets and diagnose common fret issues such as fret levelness and fret seating that can create playability and sound issues such as fret buzz. MusicNomad’s patented Fret Rocker+ evaluates your fret levelness, while the Precision Fret Gauge is a must-have tool for fret evaluation. The Fret Level Care Kit is perfect for evaluating fret issues on new or used electric, acoustic or bass guitars. Laser etched markings and instructions printed on the handle guide you through fret levelness, fret seating, fret height, and fret size assessments.

Quickly & Confidently Bevel Your Frets – The Perfect Fret Beveling File Design 

Filing fret ends with a consistent angle and finish has never been easier with MusicNomad’s B-File. With the ideal 23° and 3° file angles, no detail was overlooked in designing this revolutionary bevel file. The high-quality, durable Acacia wood ergonomic handle is shaped with a curved radius underside and is wide enough to lay centered across the entire fretboard, providing for unmatched stability when filing. The fully adjustable and replaceable high carbon-steel file includes a double cut side and single cut side, allowing for full customization to meet your needs. Their innovative design includes deeper channel recesses for the file, ensuring the file clears the body. 

Fix Guitar Fret Sprout and Sharp Fret Ends with MusicNomad’s Diamond Coated Fret End Dressing File

Filing sharp fret ends and fixing fret sprout just got a whole lot easier and safer with MusicNomad’s Diamond Coated “E-File” Fret End Dressing File. From top to bottom, no detail was overlooked in designing the perfect solution for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Their exclusive design features medical grade stainless steel with a Diamond Coated cutting surface that allows for even, smooth and precise filing that cuts and polishes all fret material types simultaneously. To enhance functionality, they designed the file with two types of non-marring safe edges: flat and slightly radiused. The handle’s user-centered ergonomics is like no other and features thumb and finger grips with smooth transitions to naturally fit in your hand. The textured rubber grip’s tactile feedback enhances comfort and control for all fine detail and precision fret end work. It even includes a convenient hang hole. That’s MusicNomad quality, bringing fret care to the next level. 

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