Martin D-45 Modern Deluxe guitar

2022: The Year in Gear

Despite uncertain times, makers unveil guitars, guitars, and more guitars. There have been many new gear releases in the past 12 months - in this story, we explore the year's highlights and trends.


Top Gear 2019

Top Gear: The Best Acoustic Guitars & Accessories of 2019

“Giant steps” might just be the motto of guitar makers in 2019. It was a year in which we saw the results of several large makers looking to the future of the guitar and daring to do something different. Martin hit the ejector-seat button on its popular Vintage series to launch the new Modern Deluxe line; Taylor built on last year’s buzz around a new bracing system to debut an all-new guitar that’s unlike anything they’ve made before; and Fender dropped an ambitious new acoustic/electric hybrid. Each move stirred the souls of the brands’ biggest fans, and you can say one thing for sure: These companies aren’t treading water. They’re challenging their own legacies by rethinking what can be done—and they’re delivering some of their finest guitars yet.