Play Guitar Like the Great Songwriters

The great songwriters who play guitar have instrumental voices as unique as the songs they compose. Here's a collection of stories that break down the guitar styles of many great singer-songwriters to help you learn how each delivers a matchless performance.

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Bill Withers playing acoustic guitar and singing

Video Lesson: Inside the Soulful Acoustic Guitar Style of Bill Withers

An immersion in Bill Withers’ music brings powerful lessons for any guitar-playing songwriter, especially about the value of directness. This lesson goes inside some of Withers’ best songs—especially from his first few albums, when his own guitar was most prominent—to reveal the understated accompaniment style that carries them.



Video Lesson: Learn to Play Like John Denver

Thanks to his gift for simple and emotionally direct expression, the songs John Denver wrote and interpreted have remained standard repertoire for any musicians who sing with an acoustic guitar.