May-June 2021

Bill Withers playing acoustic guitar and singing

Video Lesson: Inside the Soulful Acoustic Guitar Style of Bill Withers

An immersion in Bill Withers’ music brings powerful lessons for any guitar-playing songwriter, especially about the value of directness. This lesson goes inside some of Withers’ best songs—especially from his first few albums, when his own guitar was most prominent—to reveal the understated accompaniment style that carries them.
Collings OM3 custom acoustic guitar

Great Acoustics: 2020 Collings OM3 Alaskan

Sometimes when a guitar is built using unique materials, it comes with a backstory built deep into its woodgrain. Take the new Collings OM3 Alaskan seen here. It’s one of six guitars made for the shop’s premier dealers using a combination of unusually colored Sitka spruce, curly mahogany, and special appointments
Acoustic guitarist and songwriter Chris Pierce

Album Review: Chris Pierce Writes Incisive Protest Songs for Today

Wielding his guitar like a weapon, Chris Pierce sings truth to power on his eighth album, American Silence. Though he never loses his identity, Pierce’s voice becomes multitudes on this collection, attempting to speak out for those unheard in 21st century America.