The Stray Birds: Taking Wing With Guitar Strings

The Stray Birds began in 2010 as a duo, after de Vitry returned from Spain to her hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There, she met Craven, and the two began writing and playing together at an open mic in nearby Marietta.
Peter Frampton standing with acoustic guitar. Photo by Gregg Roth

Frampton Comes Unplugged

For his latest album, Peter Frampton decided to pull out all the plugs on a totally acoustic set of 11 reworked classics from his 1970s solo records.


New Gear: Taylor’s 858E and 552CE 12-Fret

Taylor’s 858e and 552ce offer effortless playability Twelve-string guitars are notoriously tricky instruments, particularly in terms of playability and intonation, and it can be hard to find a great one, though Taylor has earned a good reputation for its 12-strings. So it’s satisfying to make the acquaintance of not one,…