Mary Flower

Guitarist Mary Flower

Mary Flower combines a deep historical knowledge with a restless creativity that keeps her music evolving into new territory while echoing influences from Piedmont to the Mississippi Delta, with additional stops at ragtime, swing, folk, and hot jazz. An award-winning guitarist, Mary hosts her own guitar camp every fall, Blues in the Gorge, near Portland, Oregon. Flower has recorded 12 CDs, some of which are out of print, and most of them are listed on her website. She also has seven instructional DVDs.

Favorite Album: Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson, The Jazz Masters

Current Favorite Song to Play: Always a recent song of my own. Current one is "Pandemic Pickin'."

Articles by Mary Flower

Video Lesson: Blues Five Ways

From the June 2018 issue of Acoustic Guitar | BY MARY FLOWER What’s so great about the key of A major? For blues guitarists, it’s the only key where the three... Read More...