These articles originally appeared in the March-April 2019 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.


Eric Skye

Guitar Talk: Eric Skye on Intentional Limitations and the Blues

Skye is among a handful of artists to have been honored with a Santa Cruz Guitar Company signature model. Since its introduction in 2011, he has used the guitar exclusively when straddling the worlds of fingerpicking and flatpicking—in traditional acoustic and more adventurous jazz contexts—which he does with apparent effortlessness.
phone showing musician playing acoustic guitar in front of a woman giving a thumbs up

How to Promote Your Music

It’s easier than ever to put your music out into the world... but building a career is still work, just as it has always been.


Alan Lomax_Woody_Guthrie

Southern Journeys: Alan Lomax’s Steel-String Discoveries

Folklorist Alan Lomax is primarily recognized, when at all, by the instrumental role he played in launching the careers of some America’s—and the world’s—most beloved guitarist-singers. Indeed, it’s difficult to overestimate the role that he and his father, John A. Lomax, played in shaping musical history as they traveled the back roads of the southern United States collecting traditional music under the auspices of the Library of Congress.


Collings C100 acoustic guitar

Gear Review: Collings C100

When you think of the Collings guitar company, one of the things that stands out is nonpareil workmanship. The new C100 is certainly no exception. Although it’s not a fancy guitar by any means, everything about it shouts “quality.” The mahogany back, sides, and neck and Sitka spruce top are…