Learn Guitar

There are so many ways to learn guitar. Lessons, classes, apps, books, videos, clinics, camps, workshops, courses. Here's a sample of the advice and stories Acoustic Guitar has posted over the years to help you get started, plus a few easy campfire songs just perfect for beginners.

photo of guitar student seated on a rug taken from above

The Best Websites and Apps for Learning Guitar

Being a self-taught guitarist (or musician in general) is as well-accommodated as it ever has been, mostly because of the wide variety of apps, software, and websites to choose from.
two friends pose in a music studio with their guitars

Is My Child Old Enough to Learn Guitar?

If your child (or grandchild or other kid in your life) has expressed an interest in playing guitar, you may be wondering if they’re too young to begin lessons.



Between the Lines: All About Guitar Notation

These peculiarities of the guitar have created the need for specialized notation, such as chord diagrams and tablature, that offer us visual representations of exactly where to place our fingers on the fretboard. Here you’ll learn how guitar notation evolved into the sophisticated tool it is today, how it’s prepared for publications like AG, and most important, how you can use it to learn new music, whatever your style, more quickly and efficiently.