Learn Guitar

There are so many ways to learn guitar. Lessons, classes, apps, books, videos, clinics, camps, workshops, courses. Here's a sample of the advice and stories Acoustic Guitar has posted over the years to help you get started, plus a few easy campfire songs just perfect for beginners.

two friends pose in a music studio with their guitars

Is My Child Old Enough to Learn Guitar?

If your child (or grandchild or other kid in your life) has expressed an interest in playing guitar, you may be wondering if they’re too young to begin lessons.
illustration of a person chasing music notes

Between the Lines: All About Guitar Notation

Here you’ll learn how guitar notation evolved into the sophisticated tool it is today, how it’s prepared for publications like AG, and most important, how you can use it to learn new music, whatever your style.


how to find the right guitar teacher illustration of person reaching out of a computer with acoustic guitar

How to Find the Right Guitar Teacher

While having options is a good thing, it’s still important to take your time selecting a guitar teacher. Here's how to find the right guitar teacher.


Syracuse Guitar League members

Syracuse’s Guitar League has Created an Impressive Model for Both Teaching and Learning

On a Monday night in Syracuse, New York, guitar cases line the walls of a hotel meeting room. Around 70 players, many cradling their instruments, are listening to a presentation by singer-songwriter Tim Burns, leader of the local Americana band Two Hour Delay. Burns is sharing ideas on how to back up another guitarist, and to demonstrate, he’s invited to the stage John Cadley, a veteran of the bluegrass/country scene in upstate New York and beyond (Lou Reid & Carolina once topped the bluegrass charts with Cadley’s song “Time”).