Irish Songs for Guitar

Author, performer, and Acoustic Guitar magazine contributing editor Danny Carnahan has collected 15 of his favorite popular Irish songs and arranged them for acoustic guitar.

book cover for irish songs for guitar Learn to play 15 traditional Irish classics. Includes tab, standard notation, chord diagrams, and complete lyrics. Plus, 85 minutes of accompanying instructional video.

Many moods and subjects are covered. There are innocent (and very old) love songs like "Rosemary Fair" and more lustful romps like "Newry Town." There is the revolutionary fervor of "The Rising of the Moon" in contrast to the story of the poor kid who deserts after one day in the army in "The Rambler from Clare." There is the regional pride of "Star of the County Down" and the terrible longing for home in "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore." And then there's highway robbery, questionable job choices, unabashed love for one's fellow man, and more.

Here you'll find excerpts from the complete song collection.