Guild BT-258E Baritone Guitar

Review: Guild BT-258E Deluxe 8-String Baritone Is Good, Loud Fun

Guild pairs its classic jumbo guitar body with a long, 27-inch-scale neck and the more affordable production of its Chinese-built Westerly Collection. The idea is to offer an accessibly priced, fully featured instrument for players who know the satisfying, rafter-rattling power of a baritone and might be curious about exploring the low end.


Hear Mimi Fox Play Our Custom Guild JF65-12

This custom 2000 Guild JF65-12 is from Acoustic Guitar magazine’s 10th Anniversary Collection. In celebration of our 30th anniversary in 2020, we’re putting our collection up for auction from April 20 through May 10, giving you the opportunity to bid on a piece of guitar history and support guitar education…




Beyond Rosewood: 12 Mid-Priced Alt-Wood Guitars

Our pitch to makers was simple: Send us a guitar that uses no rosewood and has a real-world cost of $500–$1,500. Since some makers have many models that qualify, we limited each brand to one guitar of any shape or size, with or without electronics or a cutaway. Laminated and solid woods were okay, but no composites such as carbon fiber (that’s a roundup for another time). What you’ll see over the following pages are a dozen acoustic guitars, presented alphabetically, that show off some of the delightful choices available in this popular price range.
Guild F-512 12-string acoustic guitar

Gear Review: Guild F-512 12-string

Introduced in 1968 as a special-order version of the 6-string F-50R, the Guild F-512 had varying appointments, including Brazilian rosewood backs and sides, before it became a regular model in 1974—and a go-to instrument for players such as Pete Townsend, Brian May, Tim Buckley, John Denver, and Dan Fogelberg.



THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED Achieve incredible clarity, balance and volume with our jumbo-shaped F-40, made in Southern California. This jumbo acoustic checks all the boxes for players who prize outstanding projection and enhanced mid-range.  A satin varnish finish gives this guitar its familiar broken-in look and feel, while allowing the…

Gear Review: Guild D-55

This rejuvenated version of Guild's classic D-55 dreadnought captures many of the details of the original while offering a few enhancements.


Guild M-40E acoustic guitar

Guild M-40E Troubadour Review

The Guild M-40E acoustic guitar is based on the 1960s-era Guild F-20 model. It is a concert-sized instrument that packs a punch, especially when plugged in.
Guild Jumbo Junior, Martin D Jr. E, and Taylor Taylor GS Mini-e travel guitars

Guitar Roundup: 3 Travel Guitars Reviewed

Scaled-down is the new “bigger is better,” a design aesthetic for guitars that are easy to transport, gig-ready, and quite attractive. These days, modern guitar players value portability in addition to tone, playability, and visual aesthetics, and the industry is responding with compact acoustic axes that travel easily, accommodate players with small hands or ergonomic challenges, fit into cramped living spaces, and suit modest budgets.

Watch Guild Guitars Introduce Its ‘Newly Refreshed’ California-Made D-55: Winter NAMM 2017

by Whitney Phaneuf Last year, Guild embarked on a new era of US production, rebirthing classic models built at its factory in Southern California. At Winter NAMM 2017, Guild unveiled its newly refreshed D-55, which product manager Brandon Schmidt calls “The most ornate guitar we’ve built in California thus far.” Watch above as Schmidt provides some background…


The Groove Bastards: Winter NAMM 2016

The Groove Bastards stopped by the Acoustic Guitar booth at NAMM 2016 to perform a song off their EP Meet the Groove Bastards. Watch the jazz-pop trio demonstrate their unique sound as they play “Pearl” on their Guild Songbird, GAK Cajon, and Ovation Thin Bowl.