Greg Olwell

Greg Olwell

Before joining Acoustic Guitar, Greg Olwell was an editor for several other publications, including Strings, Ukulele, and Bass Player magazines, where he deepened his love of each instrument's unique gifts, the craft of building them, and the people who play them. He plays upright bass in several bands in the San Francisco Bay Area and also enjoys playing ukulele and guitar. Greg Olwell is Acoustic Guitar's editor-at-large.

Favorite Album: I have dozens of favorite albums, so I can't pick one, but most of them are pre-war rags, blues, or Hawaiian recordings from Blind Willie McTell, Sol Ho'opi'i, Kalama's Quartet, and Blind Blake.

Favorite Song to Play on Guitar Whichever one I'm learning at the moment.

Favorite Guitar you Own or Dream Guitar: I'll never part with my Waterloo WL-S—it was love at first strum. My dream guitar is a square-neck National tricone.

Articles by Greg Olwell

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With the new CJ-45 T, Collings has delivered a new guitar that shows how much can be achieved with a mix of CNC manufacturing, handcrafting, and vision.


Collings OM3 custom acoustic guitar

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Sometimes when a guitar is built using unique materials, it comes with a backstory built deep into its woodgrain. Take the new Collings OM3 Alaskan seen here. It’s one of six guitars made for the shop’s premier dealers using a combination of unusually colored Sitka spruce, curly mahogany, and special appointments